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"How can I support Traditional Public Education and Fight Privatization?"

Privatization of our Public Schools is a varied topic with many dimensions.  It is extraordinarily complex, contradicts common sense, and opposes established values.  To some, the momentum  driving it forward appears unstoppable and the outcome inevitable.  

POPS believes the although damage done to students over the past two decades is  considerable, the Privatization momentum is reversible, and Public Schools can be set right, but only if people understand the issues and give voice to their concerns.  The opportunities to be involved include:

  • Keeping up with the issues by subscribing to POPS monthly newsletter
  • Asking questions – of POPS and elected members of our School Boards and State  Legislature.
  • Participating directly in discussions at POPS meetings.
  • Sharing current personal experiences (positive & negative) of education events and outcomes in schools and classrooms.
  • Giving voice to your support for Traditional Public Schools in communication with our elected representatives.
  • Seeking out candidate’s positions on Public Education and voting your values.

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