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What You Need to Know About Public Education Privatization
in Florida and the Nation

“Once people have the right  information they can fix any problem”


Keeping up with happenings in the public school system requires casting a wide net across the multi-media landscape, something that is surprisingly difficult in practice.  Our experience is that the most important sources of information regarding public school privatization are first published online by think tanks, watchdog organizations, the government, and academia.  Once published, the results, if deemed newsworthy, trickle down to national media, then local print media, and occasionally, the TV nightly news. The source disparity and low publication frequency make it difficult to develop ongoing insight into trends and factors impacting public education and student outcomes. Unfortunately, many “reports” and articles found online are expanded press releases touting the sponsoring organization’s biased perspective; more “bun” than “beef.” We have taken pains to exclude these items.

This library of source materials has been compiled by POPS Board Members, over time, from a variety of sources. Contents are grouped by topic area e.g. vouchers, charters, etc.  Most materials within each group are online reports supplemented with investigative newspaper reports and articles. The library’s contents reflect POPS’ mission and focus on public school privatization issues. Every effort was made to find downloadable PDFs, giving the reader the opportunity to read and retain the report offline.  We hope readers will read and then share the PDFs with interested friends and associates.

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